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Puppy Mill Awareness 2022‚Äč

Help us pay for Stephania's medical bills.

Adopt A Pet, Inc has been taking in surrendered breeding dogs for decades.  Recently we noticed the dogs have come in with the need for more extensive medical treatments. They have received no vet care at the puppy mill.

Stephania was one of a group of 5 mill dogs we took in at the end of April 2022. She went into a foster home in Brooklyn and immediately her medical needs became evident.  She has been lovingly taken care of by Park Slope Veterinary Center.  She appeared to be in heat when first examined so her badly needed dental and spay were put off to allow her body to rest.  We were shocked the day of her scheduled surgery to learn our little girl must have been bred before she was surrendered and that there appears to be one or two puppies.  She is being loved and pampered while we wait for her very last litter.  Sadly her terrible teeth have to wait.  One of our amazing volunteers has put together to fundraiser to help pay her medical costs.  Please give what you can. The raffle items will be listed and you will be able to bid on them.  

Click on the UR Code for more info.

The USDA is failing our companion animals.

When we are lucky enough to rescue what the puppy millers discard, we are reminded of the USDA kennels where the only way out is in a plastic bag.  The USDA kennels considered the "Gold Standard" don't want their used up, sick, injured and mentally abused breeding stock being out in the public, someone might make the connection between the breeding machines and those cute puppies.  Shame Shame on the USDA for having such low standards that the dogs aren't even given vet care that we would be required as pet owners to provide.  

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