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Prayers for a better 2021

 sadly the number of puppy mill puppies sold during this pandemic is heartbreaking.  The older dogs are no longer being released to rescue but bred until they are no longer useful and then they are either killed or they are left to die. 

We will post a new date for 2021 as soon as we have one

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Here are a few of the dogs who were released to rescue on 9/17/16. As we prepared to celebrate the survivors they spent their first night in freedom.  

Angie, straight out of a mill on 9/17/16. They said her name of Angie, but she came with no paperwork. So scared that she froze in her cage. She is being lovingly looked after by Cane Corso Rescue.""

Our little cocker puppy was returned to the puppy mill and was to old to sell. He was released to us and now has a wonderful home with a cocker brother.

This little couple wouldn't breed for the miller.

Sadly the male has heart worm and will be treated shortly. How many other dogs at this puppy mill now have heart worm?  

Our little Corgi who was released to us because her whole litter died, had such a bad infection that the vet said she woudn't have made it very much longer. Her uterus fell apart in the vets hands when she was spayed.

She is adopted and living with her corgi sisters.

Thank you to ELBE Pet Photography for the amazing photos from our event.